Studio Legale Visentin
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Main areas of activity
The firm is able to provide legal services in the following areas of law:
corporate: partnership
The firm advises and handles litigation and arbitration on all aspects of business law. This includes company and partnership formations, mergers and acquisitions together with related areas such as antitrust and unfair competition issues.
Intellectual property
The firm advises on trademark law and represents the interests of its clients in patent infringement and counterfeiting proceedings. It advises and assists in the formation of licensing agreements.
Distribution Agreements
The firm advises clients and handles litigation on all aspects of the law relating to commercial agency, distribution and franchising.
Labour law
The firm provides advice in this area. It concludes employment and service contracts and handles termination disputes.
Conveyancing and property
The firm provides a comprehensive service in commercial and residential property transactions.
The firm advises clients and handles litigation on most aspects of shipping and intermodal transport. This includes carriage of goods by air by sea, by road both nationally and internationally.